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Wellbeing Sessions

Wellbeing Sessions

Do you ever feel like you are really stressed and need some help, but aren’t really looking for therapy? The thought process behind Gentle Changes’ Wellbeing Sessions is as follows: you go out feeling better than you came in! Relaxed and de-stressed, more present, grounded and focused. You will also learn some easy, gentle psychosensory and somatic self-help methods that work in harmony with your autonomic nervous system. You can utilise these in real life scenarios to reduce stress and anxiety, restoring a sense of calm, ease and focus.

One-to-one sessions

One-to-one Wellbeing Sessions are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs, providing you with the space to unwind, talk and be listened to. Gentle psychosensory and somatic approaches help you process whatever difficulties you are currently experiencing, leaving you feeling like yourself again. Sessions cost £60 and last 90 minutes. Group sessions for organisations can also be arranged on request.