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Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

I offer mental health support with a difference: we work together, at your pace, engaging with your embodied experience, meaning that this is more than a talking therapy. My gentle approach to somatic and psychosensory therapy can help you achieve a felt shift in states of anxiety and depression and can support healing and improvement over time.

Mental Health Therapy One-to-one sessions

Grounded in an awareness of Stephen Porges’ polyvagal theory, we use gentle, somatic and psychosensory methods to: * Re-establish your embodied sense of safety and stability * Restore healthy regulation of the autonomic nervous system * Enable you to strengthen and reconnect with your inner resources for healing, change and growth * Reduce symptoms of anxiety, panic, phobias and depression for a gentle and grounded, embodied recovery * Safe and gentle trauma reprocessing may be offered where appropriate Sessions cost £60. The first session takes up to 1½ hours, subsequent sessions are up to 1¼ hours.