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Why Embodied?

Because you are more than your conscious thoughts and ideas! Traditional coaching may not always take into account all of you, your unconscious mind, with all its resources for problem-solving and change, and also your embodied feelings and responses. Some people can get a long way on willpower and adrenaline alone, pushing through, using positivity. And if that works comfortably for you that’s great!

You don't lack willpower!

I noticed, however, over the years, that it wasn’t the conscious mind that help people back.
Neither was it lack of willpower, which is an adrenaline-led response.
Pushing on in spite of our inner selves isn’t always possible, and it isn’t always successful, especially when there is a history of loss, abuse or other trauma.
Willpower is great for emergencies and short-term goals but relying on it in the long term can lead to burn out, depression and a downward spiral of failure and self-reproach.

I am fundamentally interested in resources  – your inner, untapped resources, that can be reclaimed using my gentle somatic and psychosensory methods AND the outer resources that you have access to.

So often I have noticed how people blame themselves for not achieving their goals. I think  because it’s so easy to get swept up in our culture of ‘fake it ’til you make it’ and, if you think positively enough, you can achieve anything, culture.

After many years’ experience as a hypnotherapist, I have seen over and over again the evidence that we all have powerful resources for change within us, however I also believe it is important to take a realistic appraisal of the outer resources available to us.

It is also important to recognise hidden barriers that can consume our energy and lead us towards self-blame.
This isn’t being negative – it is empowering, because once you have this knowledge, it helps you target your efforts towards achieving meaningful and achievable goals with a greater sense of gentleness towards yourself and a genuine self-esteem.

I can be a supportive facilitator who will help you gain more knowledge, understanding and greater rapport with yourself, so that you can move forward with greater ease, satisfaction and wholeness.

In as little as one Embodied Coaching session, using my gentle and supportive somatic and psychosensory methods, it make be possible to resolve inner conflicts, access more of your inner resources and gain helpful insights to achieve positive and grounded changes.

You truly do not need to blame yourself for not progressing as you thought you would! – My gentle methods could offer you a constructive and integrated way forward. You may choose to use this as a ‘breakthrough session’ or have regular support over time. The choice is yours and I will tailor my approach to help you.

Even if you have benefited from traditional coaching approaches, Embodied Coaching could help you bring about welcome changes at a deeper level.

Feeling stuck, exhausted, confused or conflicted?

Embodied Coaching could work for you.
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