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Dawn Salter


After a career in health and social care, Dawn Salter qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2002, specialising in habit change and helping clients achieve healthy and satisfying lifestyles. A number of Dawn’s clients were suffering from the effects of trauma, and whilst they mostly functioned well, their underlying traumas sometimes presented a barrier to making the positive lifestyle changes they desired. Dawn helped many of these clients move forwards by releasing themselves from their inner pain and “stuck” states, providing gentle treatments with minimal distress.

Somatic & Psychosensory Therapy – An Embodied Approach

Since then, Dawn has continued to learn about trauma and related therapies. She found that the gentle psychosensory and somatic methods were ideally suited to helping clients access calm, resourcefulness and inner safety, to stabilise and reconnect with the present, which is an important feature of therapy for complex trauma, as well as helping them to reprocess traumatic memories in the least distressing ways and to emerge from depressed, stuck and burned-out states. Conflict, boundaries, and problems with relationships can all benefit from exploration utilising a somatic approach and well as triggers for anxiety, phobic responses and anger and reactivity. This gentle, somatic and psychosensory approach to therapy and the Beyond Mindfulness ideas and methods are often found helpful by clients who are autistic, have ADHD or otherwise recognise themselves as neurodivergent.

Dawn holds the Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP) by The General Hypnotherapy Register, in recognition of her length of time in professional practice.


Gentle Changes

The Gentle Changes

  • My approach to therapy is client-centred and process-oriented. This means that I work gently and supportively with your inner process, applying knowledge of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal theory within therapeutic process.
  • I do not adhere to inflexible treatment protocols – your inner “felt sense” is the best guide, and learning to honour your inner knowledge and wisdom is an important part of your trauma recovery.

Why Choose
Gentle Changes?

  • My somatic and psychosensory therapy treatment works supportively with your inner process and autonomic nervous system, in line with understandings from Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porges).
  • I do not impose treatment protocols in order to “get the therapy done”.
  • I will listen to you, respect you, and validate your experiences.
  • I will never tell you that your perspective or beliefs are “wrong” – I instead encourage you to formulate your own empowering meanings from your experiences.
  • Trust that I recognise that everyone is different, and no one person will have the same recovery experience. I am here to support you on your healing journey.

Commitment to
Inclusion & Diversity

  • Committed to assisting all people.
    I recognise that members of minority and marginalised groups are under-represented as therapists and coaches, but this must not be a barrier to members of such groups receiving effective help.
  • Committed to anti-racism. My practise is LGBTQI+ inclusive and I wish to reassure prospective transgender and non-binary clients that I accept, respect and value their identities.
  • In my private practice I must charge for my work, although I recognise that economic barriers to accessing therapy affects members of marginalised groups. If you feel that you would benefit from my help but cost is a barrier, please get in touch.

Here to support you on your healing journey

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