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Gentle Trauma Therapy & Mental Health Support
Beyond Mindfulness

I work gently with your inner ‘felt-sense’, using a range of somatic and psychosensory and parts-informed approaches, with gentle facilitation through language and visualisation. I use a three-phased approach to trauma therapy, prioritising inner safety and stabilisation, and I am affirming of neuro-divergence, social context and diversity.

Your inner “felt sense” is the best guide – learning to be with yourself, with kindness, and in safety, allows you to become more present, empowered, and connected to your values and sense of purpose. My gentle approach is both remedial and developmental, and offers a valuable and often overlooked contribution to your trauma and mental health recovery.

Appointments are available in Worcester & online. I offer a free, initial phone consultation.

Dr Stephen W. Porges

‘‘Once there is a feeling of safety,
there’s a shift in physiological state.’’

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