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Trauma therapy, mental health support

My approach to therapy is client-centred and process-oriented.
This means that I work gently and supportively with your inner process, applying knowledge of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal theory within therapeutic process.
I do not adhere to inflexible treatment protocols – your inner “felt sense” is the best guide, and learning to honour your inner knowledge and wisdom is an important part of your trauma recovery.

COVID update: All appointments are currently offered on Zoom

Dr Stephen W. Porges

‘‘Once there is a feeling of safety,
there’s a shift in physiological state.’’

Gentle Trauma Therapy
& emotional healing

Are you living with the effects of trauma?
Help is at hand, using gentle psychosensory and somatic methods, in a tailored, three-phase approach, to address trauma-related difficulties and resolve traumatic memories without reliving the full extent of the original distress.

Mental health support​

Do you require support with your mental health?
Maybe you have already tried CBT and counselling?
I work supportively with you, at your pace, to resolve stress, anxiety and depression, using gentle, somatic and psychosensory therapeutic and self-help methods.

Wellbeing sessions

Do you ever feel like you are really stressed and need some help, but aren’t really looking for therapy?
The thought process behind Gentle Changes’ Wellbeing Sessions is as follows: you go out feeling better than you came in!
Relax, de-stress, be more present, grounded and focused.

Embodied coaching

Are you currently feeling stuck, exhausted, confused or conflicted?
Somatic and psychosensory coaching can help you overcome your inner blocks, supporting you to move forward with greater ease, confidence and a greater sense of wholeness.

Is it possible to feel better after only one therapy session?

Learn why therapy might not be as hard as you think.

A collection of stones with words written upon them. the ones readable say kindness and hope

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